Chair Persons

S.G. Kabbinagadde shall be with us full-time; in addition to monitoring contemporary education he shall also lead the history department.


S.S. Hegde, an abode of experience and abilities, has happily agreed to build the English Department.


Our dream of inspiring patriotism in the next generation along with education, is greatly strengthened with the arrival of A.P. Narayanappa!


Physics department shall be led by Maruvala Narayana Bhat, who is an authority in text book publication.


A treasure of knowledge and experience, an epitome of achievements, D.N.Bhat shall himself teach in our Gurukulams!


An expert of Accountancy and Economics, M.R. Hegde’s leadership shall benefit greatly the Gurukulam and the students.


World renowned Law scholar Dr. P Eshwar Bhat shall guide the Constitution Department of our Gurukulams.


Padekallu Vishnu Bhat has authored and edited several valuable books in Kannada and has delivered innumerable lectures.Now he shall lead the Kannada department of our Gurukulams..


Satyanarayana Sharma who is an authority in Sanskrit Studies has mastered the entire range of Sanskrit books.Isn’t it our pride that he leads the Samskrita Department in our Gurukulams.


Bharatiya Ganita (Indian Mathematics) Department will be ably led by Pramod V Pandit,who is a repository of knowledge,skills and experience!When it is led by him students would find mathematics as interesting as a game.


VVV’s Krishnayajurveda department is in safe hands! With a 30 years experience of chanting Veda to Tirupathi Venkateshwara and having received a title of ‘Shruthisagara’ and received ‘Mudrayungura’ from Sri~Matha, Pallatadka Shankaranarayana Bhat takes the responsibility.

This priest of the famous temple of Karikana Parameshwari – the Mother, heads the department of Samaveda.

Rare in the world are the people who have done thorough study of Atharvaveda; Acharya Sridhara Adi is one such scholar who studied it in Kashi. He is also well-versed in Rigveda. Depth and heights of his knowledge are certain to challenge the learning skills of our young minds!

The daughter of Padmashree awardee, Mahamahopadhyaya, Nrithageethavisharada Ra. Satyanarayana, daughter-in-law of the famous music family of Kanchana, wife of Karnataka-Kalashree Subbaratnam, mother of three well versed musical stalwarts heads the Department of Carnatic Classical Music.

One of the best present day Hindustani musician Pandit Parameshwara Hegde heads the Department of Hindustani Classical Music.

The Instrumental Music Department of the Gurukulams will be lead by the legendary Vidwan Anooru Anantakrishna Sharms aka Shivu, who is also the President of Karnataka Sangeeta-Nrutya Academy.

Multitalented Shaman Hegde bears the responsibility of being the Head of the Food Science and Nutrition Department of the Gurukulams. She is not only an expert in Cookery, but also knows the science behind it.

The Arts and Crafts/Rangavalli Department of the Gurukulams will be headed by Mahalakshmi Timmappa, the one with varied talents and experiences.

The students of the Gurukulams have an opportunity to learn Yakshagana too! This department is headed by Subraya Bhagavat Kappekere.

Dr. Shankar Bhat is a great achiever as well as a great teacher. He is going to head the department of Political Sciences at our Gurukulams.

Sri Vinayaka Bhat Muroor, who has 18 years of experience in the field of journalism and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Hosadiganta’ – is leading the department of Mass Communication at our Gurukulams!

Nirnalli Ganapati has brains and heart on his fingers. Children who get groomed under him are blessed!

42 years of teaching ~ an expert with 35 years experience in research – well-known as a financial expert, Dr. Gopalakrishna Venkataramana Joshi now heads the Economics department of the VVV Gurukulas..

Here is a glimpse of achievements of Dr. Sridhar Ramakanth Hegde who will be heading the Hindi department of VVV – Gurukulams..